Reporting the success of the Createx Final Conference and designers exhibition, both organized in Lodz (Poland) at the StrzemiƄski Academy of Art premises last 11 and 12 December, which hosted project partners, some of the involved designers, students, experts, teachers and professionals from the textile and fashion sector, here below is a detailed gallery of images to tell the most interesting moments, interventions, people and contents of the event with a special focus on the creative and so charming creations developed by Createx young designers from Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Poland who participated in the residency cycle and inspired by the European textile and costume heritage archives.

These Heritage archives were made modern through a range of styles, from silhouettes inspired by the 1940s to contemporary urban cuts; folk culture to high-tech. Trends like sustainability appear in couture-level gowns, while digital innovation is applied to printing for interior design – with traditional and modern textures – as well as to graphic jewellery and accessories.

Please browse the complete gallery below and discover the inspiration, the design as well as the details of the collections displayed. The detailed catalogue about Createx Project enriched by the profiles of the designers, their projects, the mini collections created and the heritage story behind their production will soon be available.