Creative residencies

During the second semester of planned activities, Createx Project proposes to test the heritage value for contemporary creation move through the organization of 5 creative residencies involving 15 young designers and artists on the contemporary re-use of the textile heritage (3 designer from each partner countries) and developing 15 small scale collections that focus on the textile heritage as a source of inspiration for the creation of new cultural goods and contemporary art practice.

In doing so, the project promotes and strengthens the use of culture and creativity to better preserve, present and interpret cultural heritage and it encourages and develops the innovative re-use of cultural heritage for contemporary creation and the use of digital cultural heritage content by the creative sectors.

With the creative residencies experience the Createx project aims to provide additional tools and methodologies to young professionals in the textile sector to ensure that they are competing in knowledge and territorial values rather than competing on price. This is one of the main aspects ensuring the sustainability of the project results. These tools and methodologies deal both with the digitisation of the textile heritage and its re-use in the creation of new cultural and creative products and services.

Moreover, marketing and communication activities and media tools focusing on heritage brand marketing, product story telling and high territorial added value will contribute to ensure the project’s sustainability.